Face Shape Guide: Discover & Embrace Your Unique Features

Types of Face Shape

Understanding Facial Structure
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Our faces are as diverse as our personalities, and one of the key elements that define our facial appearance is our face shape.

From the elegant oval to the charming round, and from the structured square to the captivating heart shape, each face shape carries its own distinctive features and proportions that contribute to our overall appearance.

By recognizing and understanding the characteristics of different face shapes, we can learn how to enhance our natural beauty and make informed choices when it comes to hairstyles, makeup, and accessories.

(a) Oval shape it is considered a universally flattering shape due to its balanced proportions.

Oval faces have softly rounded contours, with slightly wider cheekbones and a gently tapering chin.

People with oval faces often have the advantage of being able to experiment with various hairstyles and makeup looks, as their face shape lends itself well to versatility.

(b) Round faces have soft curves and lack angularity.

They are characterized by equal width and length, with rounded cheekbones and a rounded chin.

Adding definition and creating the illusion of length can be key goals for those with round faces.

(c) Square faces have a strong and defined jawline, with similar width and length measurements.

The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are usually in alignment, creating a structured appearance.

People with square faces often seek hairstyles and makeup techniques that soften the angles and add dimension.

(d) Heart-shaped faces have a broader forehead and narrower jawline and chin, resembling the shape of a heart.

The cheekbones are usually prominent in this face shape.

Finding hairstyles and makeup looks that balance the features and create width around the chin area is often a focus for those with heart-shaped faces.

(e) Diamond-shaped faces have a narrow forehead and chin, with wider cheekbones that are the focal point of the face.

Creating balance by adding softness to the cheekbones and minimizing the width of the forehead and chin is often a goal for individuals with diamond-shaped faces.

Guide to Discovering Your Unique Facial Structure

  1. Start with a clean face: Begin by washing your face thoroughly to remove any makeup or residue. Tie your hair back to ensure a clear view of your facial contours.
  2. Measure your face: Take a flexible measuring tape or a ruler and measure the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Note down these measurements as they will help you compare the proportions later.
  3. Observe your facial contours: Stand in front of a well-lit mirror and examine your facial contours. Pay attention to the following key features:
    • Forehead: Is your forehead wider or narrower compared to your cheekbones and jawline?
    • Cheekbones: Are your cheekbones the widest part of your face, or are they more aligned with your forehead or jawline?
    • Jawline: Does your jawline appear rounded or angular? Is it wider or narrower than your cheekbones?
  4. Compare your measurements and facial features: Now, compare the measurements you took earlier with the observations you made about your facial contours. This will help you determine the general shape of your face.
  5. Visualize the face shapes: Refer to visual aids or diagrams that illustrate the different face shapes, such as oval, round, square, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped. Compare the characteristics of each face shape with your own observations.
  6. Match your features: Identify the face shape that closely matches your measurements and facial features. Remember that your face shape may not fit perfectly into any single category, but you can focus on the one that most closely aligns with your unique features.

Makeup Techniques for Flattering Different Face Shapes

Make Up for different faces
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1.Oval Face Shape:

Highlight: Apply a highlighter on the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones, brow bone, and the center of the forehead, to enhance your natural glow.

Contour: Use a matte bronzer or contour powder to lightly shade the hollows of your cheeks and the sides of your forehead to add definition and create balance.

Blush: Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending it towards your temples, to add a touch of color and enhance your cheekbones.

2.Round Face Shape:

Contour: Apply a contour shade along the temples, below the cheekbones, and along the jawline to create the illusion of more defined angles.

Highlight: Add a touch of highlighter to the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones and the center of the forehead, to bring attention to these

      3.Square Face Shape:

Soften Angles: Use a warm blush shade on the apples of your cheeks and blend it towards your temples to soften the angles of your face.

Contour: Apply a contour shade along the jawline and the sides of the forehead to create a more rounded appearance.

Lips: Opt for softer, rounded lip shades to balance the strong angles of your face.

     4 .Heart-Shaped Face:

Contour: Apply a contour shade beneath the cheekbones and along the hairline to soften the width of the forehead and create balance.

Eyes: Focus on creating depth and dimension on the outer corners of the eyes with eyeshadow and eyeliner to balance the wider forehead.

Lips: Experiment with different lip colors, but avoid heavy lip liners to keep the focus on your eyes and cheekbones.

  1. Diamond-Shaped Face:

Contour: Apply a contour shade to the temples and below the cheekbones to add depth and minimize the width of the face at the cheekbones.

Highlight: Apply highlighter on the center of the forehead and the chin to bring attention to the center of the face.

Eyes: Emphasize your eyes by using eyeshadows and liners to create width on the upper and lower lash lines.

Key Takeaways

Understanding your face shape and learning how to use makeup to enhance your features is a powerful tool in your beauty arsenal as a plus size babe.

By embracing your unique facial structure and applying the right techniques, you can create a harmonious and flattering look that highlights your best features.

Throughout this article, we have explored the different face shapes and provided practical tips on how to determine your face shape, identify its key features, and use makeup to enhance them.

Whether you have an oval, round, square, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, or any other face shape, there are makeup techniques that can help you bring out your natural beauty.